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TFH uses muscle testing to assess stress responses and relieve imbalances holistically.
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A Touch for Health Introduction

Touch for Health stands as the world’s most renowned form of Kinesiology. Dr. Thie developed the TFH Synthesis, drawing from Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and incorporating acupressure, nutrition, and Tibetan energy concepts. Through muscle testing, practitioners assess stress responses in the structural, chemical, and emotional realms. Energy balancing techniques are then applied to manage pain and tension by restoring the person’s potential balance. Muscle testers focus on activating the self-healing energy within individuals, viewing the body as a multidimensional holistic entity.


The Benefits of Using Touch for Health

  • its harmonising effect on ones energy
  • assists in processing of new ideas and options
  • better integration of left and right brain hemispheres
  • improves concentration
  • enhances learning
  • more focused and feeling more energised
  • reduces stress
  • better coordination
  • balance physical and emotional pain and tension
  • detoxify the past and balance for the future

Touch for Health Sessions

I particularly value using TFH in my sessions due to its effectiveness in goal-setting, whether on spiritual, emotional, mental, biochemical, or physical levels. The body never lies, at the same time the body tends to be very receptive and always flows towards harmony and natural balance. Balances are achieved through techniques such as muscle, meridian, and spinal reflexes balancing.

Preparation for a session is ideal as it helps the client get the most out of the sessions. I advise planning ahead to arrive on time, treating yourself gently, as well as having time on your own afterwards for reflection and integration.

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I provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore your inner world, identify your goals, and develop a plan to achieve them.


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