Tibetan Singing Bowl Journeys

Through the use of sound, Tibetan singing bowl journeys help calm the mind, balance emotions, and promote a sense of harmony within and around you
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Sound Journeys

Noise and daily sounds have a subtle impact on our senses all the time, shifting and distressing the natural frequencies at which we vibrate energetically. Hearing is the first sense to develop before birth, at around 9 weeks after conception and the last sense to go when we die. The Tibetan singing bowls have the ability to change vibrations and frequencies of the body and it’s energetic pulses in order to assist the body to heal and harmonise itself.

Have you ever reflected on why a piece of music can make you sad or energised? Have you listened to someone speaking and thought “that person is not my cup of tea?” Have you ever wondered why that happens? It happens because the sounds that are being sent out are not in harmony within us.

Tibetan singing bowls are used in therapy sessions to create and direct positive vibrations through the client’s energy centers to promote balance and energize the entire body.

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How it works?

As the resonant tones vibrate through the body, they gently quiet the mind, allowing you to access a deeper sense of inner peace. These soothing vibrations also work to harmonize your emotions, bringing a sense of balance and clarity. At a physical level, the sound waves stimulate a harmonious flow of energy throughout your body, promoting a sense of well-being.

In addition it helps to :

  • Harmonise and strengthen the body’s defences and helps physical health
  • Detoxify and improve functioning of the internal organs
  • For the individual to have a relaxed mind and find inner peace
  • Combat mental fatigue, mood swings and anxieties
  • Develop concentration
  • Change negative thought patterns into positive ones
  • Balance masculine and feminine energies


What a Tibetan Singing Bowl Journey Entails

Tibetan singing bowls journeys are performed using seven or more bowls placed around a prone body, the bowls all have a specific note it will resonate with. The bowls are placed in and around the chakras and will represent the note related to that chakra.

According to tradition the bowls are made up of seven metals. One metal for each chakra. The metals are copper (Venus), silver (the moon), iron ( Mars), tin (Jupiter), gold (the sun), lead (Saturn) and mercury (Mercury).

Tibetan Bowls

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My Tibetan singing bowl sessions are usually done in conjunction with other modalities and usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. Sound baths are sometimes recommended as a stand alone treatment and have the benefit of changing the clients brain waves and how they engage with the world.

Wearing loose, comfortable clothes is encouraged. I encourage my clients to plan ahead to have gentle time around their appointment to support themselves in receiving the most out of it.

Sound journeys can be held outdoors in nature, as well as in groups or as individual therapies. Experience the effects of Tibetan singing bowl sound journeys for yourself. Book your session now and begin your journey towards relaxation and balance.

I provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore your inner world, identify your goals, and develop a plan to achieve them.


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