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I believe the most important way meditation can improve our lives is to make us aware that nothing exists outside of now.
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Why practice meditation with me

My approach to meditation is rooted in Zen principles, extending beyond traditional seated postures for a set duration. Instead, it emphasizes daily mindfulness practices. Whether it’s sitting in zazen while engaging in sensory meditation, practicing Tai Chi, or performing Qigong exercises, the goal is to carry the meditative process beyond formal sessions. It’s simple, yet we’ve been conditioned to believe that worthwhile endeavors must be complex. This practice brings us to the present moment, bridging the gap between past and future, good and bad, right and wrong.

Daily mindfulness practice enables us to acknowledge and accept our feelings. It cultivates conscious action over reaction, allowing us to respond authentically from a place of deep self-awareness and clarity about what is beneficial in any given situation.

I encourage clients to establish daily mindfulness practices such as: resting in awareness, focusing on the breath, tuning into bodily sensations and space, practicing mindful walking, eating, and engaging all senses—listening, seeing, smelling, and touching.

Meditation is integrated into all my modalities.

Who should practice meditation

The benefits of meditation are valuable for anyone seeking relief from the demands of daily life. These benefits include learning discipline, experiencing the stillness of the present moment, observing personal growth, feeling a greater sense of connection to the universe, and becoming more attuned to it. Meditation supports individuals in recognizing and embracing their true nature as awareness, essence, and presence, allowing for a more harmonious and fulfilling life.

What does meditation with me look like

While meditation cushions or knee benches can be useful, simply being mindful is the best “equipment” needed. Setting a scene by using candles, flowers or incense on a specific, regular time could be useful to create a habit and environment for the mind and body to come to rest. Following a mantra or walking a labyrinth or simply being surrounded by nature or natural sounds are all beneficial to create a space of comfort and peace.

I would love to guide you through this process and help you create a routine that works for you, and benefits you the most.

Meditate in daily life

I provide a safe and supportive space for you to explore your inner world, identify your goals, and develop a plan to achieve them.


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